Adult Fiction

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(Contemporary Fiction)

A young woman discovers a terrible secret her father had kept hidden her entire life. Now she must go on a journey to find her mother. But on her journey, she discovers other things…things that will change her life forever. Will Sarah ever find her way home or will her discoveries destroy her?


Ellie returns to her family’s lake house sixteen years after a horrible tragedy. Ellie soon discovers she hasn’t been the only one holding onto a secret. Strange sounds and sightings, an old journal, and secrets unveiled may cause Ellie to come unraveled all over again.


Grace must return home, back to the small town she grew up in, when her mother is ill. When Grace loses her mother, her boyfriend, and her job, she is at a loss. Does she move back to the city where she lived or remain in the town she grew up in?

As if life wasn’t confusing enough, she has to fight her feelings for her next-door neighbor; then a strange man suddenly comes to town, befriending Grace, but acting mysterious.

Will Grace allow herself to fall in love again? Will she finally live in the moment and enjoy life? And who is this strange man who is so drawn to her?