Children’s Books

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Everyone feels sad or grumpy once in a while, but children don’t often understand their feelings. In this story, Molly is generally a happy little girl who loves to play and use her imagination. One day, however, she becomes very tired and grumpy. She tells her mother she “lost her happy.” Molly goes in search of “her happy” but will she find it?

Anabelle is a lovely little girl who wants a friend to play with one day when she is out and about. Sadly, no one will play with her; they are all too busy! Will Anabelle find a friend who wants to play? Find out by reading this cute rhyming story, published by Two Girls And A Reading Corner!

​Chrissy’s Candy Shop is dedicated to – and inspired by – my sweet friend Christina Aiello (aka “Chrissy”) who has a business called Talk of the Tables – Candy Buffets by Chrissy. Her close relationship with her “nana” gave me the idea to use a grandma (Nana) in the story instead of a parent or sibling. This book was published by Two Girls and a Reading Corner.

The Border Buddies books are based on my own dogs. These are early reader’s chapter books. Luke and Cole are two adorable border collie dogs who sometimes get into mischief and go on adventures. Follow along in this fun and furry series!!

Annie to the Rescue is about a 5-year-old girl who wants a pet to take care of and love. Her parents think she is too young. Annie wants to prove to her parents that she is old enough to take care of a pet. One day, she gets that chance. Find out how Annie gets to have pets of her own!

This book is dedicated to an animal rescue organization called Pause 4 All Paws Animal Rescue, Inc. (P4AP) located in Herkimer County (NY), and the founder‘s daughter, Anicia.  Find them on Facebook!

My second book, If I Were A Duck, is an imaginative story that takes a child’s wish and brings it to life. Your child will love rhyming along while you read, and use their own imagination while thinking about what animal they could be for one day. Easy reading, colorful illustrations and a rhyming pattern will bring joy to your child.

Hammy’s New Home was my first book, published in 2015. Hammy is a little pig who loves to have fun with his friends and sometimes gets into mischief on the farm where he lives. Your child will love following this story and finding out what mischief Hammy gets into and how he ends up with a little house of his own. This book is easy for young children to read with colorful illustrations to broaden their imaginations.